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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hack-a-lot: Applescript to save iTunes ratings permanently

Long time no see.

While working hard and listening to iTunes all day, I realized that there really is a need for those ratings in iTunes, because I noticed a few great songs on my harddisk, I wanted to be able to find again later.

But then I had to notice that all those ratings get lost when removing the tracks from iTunes and putting them back in again later. (And I am doing that very often, because I don't have too much space on the disk left.)

To be able to use my ratings in the future I want them to be stored in the ID3 tag of the track. To be able to do that for the whole library I wrote a small applescript. You can store your ratings to the comment field and getting them back from there as ratings.

Download the script here.

Since my iBook had to go to repair two weeks ago, I loose total battery capacity from day to day - I am at 43% now while I had around 89% a few weeks ago. So help - buy me a new battery for my 12" iBook from 2005. :-D

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