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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Marketing 30 Boxes

There was a post in the weblog of 30 Boxes last week about helping those guys to become more popular. First I thought I might be too busy for things like that, but why not help a new service compete in the hazardous world of Web 2.0.
So here is, what I have to say: I now use my calendar at 30 Boxes since a few months now and I love it. It's so easy and it is cool for all us Mac and iPod users. Why that? - See, as 30 Boxes is a Web 2.0 application you are able to add appointments wherever you have web-access via a browser. Because I am sometimes offline on my way to work of university I use the calendar on my iPod rather than the one I have integrated in my mobile. (I only use that one for short reminders like "watch channel 7 at 8pm".) As there is a webcal:// URI for all 30 Boxes calendars available I am able to subscribe to my calendar via iCal and can use it to sync it to my iPod.

There are lots of other features though. Like sharing your calendar with others or just parts of it. You can keep track of other services by RSS with it and many more.

This is why I like to use a service as 30 Boxes even though I have a cool application like iCal on my iBook always available. (Unnoticed the fact that I can note appointments when somewhere out without my iBook. Yes, there are days...)
Another reason why I think using 30 Boxes is cool, is because it's fun to be part of the evolution of this application (or service, call it as you like). There are regular enhancements mentioned in the weblog after they have been discussed with the users in the forum. And if you like to help (I really would like to, but at the moment there are other things I really should focus on) you may take a look into the developer column to see what can be done and what is requested by the users so far.

At last one more reason is the upcoming Google calendar. Of course you should use the calendar you like most, but as the calendar by Google is not available yet, a good chance to get used to 30 Boxes and fall in love to it. There already is a whispering out there in the net that we might get stuck to Google apps too much, so why not use an alternative when it is a great one?
For me 30 Boxes has all necessary features I expect from an online calendar so far and I know that there will come more and more features that will make my calendar of choice even better.

Enough talking, head to 30 Boxes and see for yourself.

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posted by madhatter @ 11:03 AM

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Beastie Boys movie only one night at the big screen

The Beastie Boys, best band ever, are going to release a new concert movie entitled Awesome, I F***in' Shot That! During one of there concerts in the Madison Square Gardens the Beastie Boys handed out video cameras to 50 select audience members and let them record the audiences perspective of the concert. After the event was over the cameras we returned, and now we have a movie.
Sounds interesting. And this movie will be on the big screen for only one evening, March 23rd. Of course only in US and Canada. A complete list of the theaters click here. For all other info go to the mainpage of the special site about the movie.

I am really looking forward to that, since I've been a bit disappointed about the last "Solid Gold" release with just lots of evergreens.

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posted by madhatter @ 9:09 AM

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Steve's new fun products

So, what was it about? An expensive dock with speakers integrated, a new Mac mini, a bit faster than the old one, lacking graphics performance as usual, but much more expensive, and an iPod case for $99. Thanks a lot, Steve.

And I have to say, that it is not, because I was waiting for the fullscreen-tablet-display-iPod (6G) or anything else which smart people knew would never be released yesterday. It is, Steve, because these products lack the innovative mind we are used to. There are lots of speakers out there and a billion cases for all iPod generations. Probably not with such a nice Apple logo like yours...

So, Steve, what should I tell you? - Think about it.

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posted by madhatter @ 10:58 AM