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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Solaris Live Upgrade for the first time - with bugs

I switched from FreeBSD to OpenSolaris a few weeks ago. Today I tried the Live Upgrade for the first time, upgrading from snv_70 to snv_72. And while I was happy to see the new system booting had trouble with accessing my cd/dvd-rom drive. After trying this and that and asking on the irc channel I got the hint that I ran into a bug in b72.
Mounting my old root and copying the ata driver to the upgraded root did do the trick then.
Besides having some trouble caused by that bug I really like that live upgrade functionality in Solaris.

I am yet looking forward to explore more on this operating system. At work I have to play around with a 2-node Sun Cluster holding an Oracle RAC at the moment. That's really fun!

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