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Monday, April 18, 2005

Remix Mr. Reznor's Music

Nine Inch Nails' () leading character gives away the first Single "The Hand That Feeds" from their upcoming album "" in GarageBand format. Now the gifted Mac user will be able to create his/her own remix of that song.

Trent Reznor says: “For quite some time I’ve been interested in the idea of allowing you the ability to tinker around with my tracks - to create remixes, experiment, embellish or destroy whats there. I tried a few years ago to do this in shockwave with very limited results. After spending some quality time sitting in hotel rooms on a press tour, it dawned on me that the technology now exists and is already in the hands of some of you. I got to work experimenting and came up with something I think you’ll enjoy. What I’m giving you in this file is the actual multi-track audio session for “the hand that feeds” in GarageBand format. This is the entire thing bounced over from the actual Pro Tools session we recorded it into. I imported and converted the tracks into AppleLoop format so the size would be reasonable and the tempo flexible.” (sinceretheory weblog)

Grab that file here.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Feed Reader in Gmail

Evan Williams noticed that Gmail has added an RSS feed reader to his account.

You can add your own feeds and/or choose from their selection. It also swaps between feed headlines and ads, which is pretty clever, cuz it gets you looking at the ads a lot more (I've found). Each is labeled, of course.

While Gmail rolls out new features on a per-server basis I don't have that reader yet. But by taking a look at Evan's screenshot you can get an idea of how it looks like. But the ads will annoy me. Let's hope there will appear a GreaseMonkey script to handle this. ;)

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posted by madhatter @ 12:30 AM

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Please panic - Hitchhiker's Guide awful?

Just read it: the upcoming "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" movie seems to be not as funny as the book.

"It's bad on a big scale because enormous swathes of the story have been dispensed with - most of the Guide entries, whole scenes - or changed beyond all recognition. And it is bad on a small scale because many, many wonderful lines have been cut or in some cases actually rewritten to make them less funny. Whatever your favourite line from Hitchhiker's, there's a good chance that it won't be in the film. Even if it's really well-known, widely-quoted, much-loved, very funny - it will probably be absent from the movie. Or if it is there, it might have been changed."

Doesn't sound like the new movie will honour Adam's books like it should.

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Keep up being

I use more and more every day. It's easier to handle and organize than regular bookmarks and you can search other's tags/bookmarks for information.
To keep up in which direction will be developed you should sign up the mailing list. It's not too much traffic and you get fresh info about what's going on. For example you read that there is a new layout in development. (Even though I prefer the old one.)
And thanks to Joshua for giving us

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Happy Birthday, GMail

GMail turns 1 today. And instead of expecting presents from their users, they give something to them. It's planned to give every user more space. Right now I have 1272 MB space at my GMail account and it's seems to grow continuous.
" Storage is an important part of email, but that doesn't mean you should have to worry about it. To celebrate our one-year birthday, we're giving everyone one more gigabyte. But why stop the party there? Our plan is to continue growing your storage beyond 2GBs by giving you more space as we are able. We know that email will only become more important in people's lives, and we want Gmail to keep up with our users and their needs. From Gmail, you can expect more." (What's new @ GMail)

Edit: Wait a moment. Today is April, 1st. Will we really get more space? I really don't think that this is no April Fool's joke. But we'll see tomorrow if I was right.

Edit 2: April, 1st is over now and my GMail account reached 2045 MB of space. And it's still counting. So, I might have been wrong and it was no April Fool's joke...

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posted by madhatter @ 12:50 PM