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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No new Analytics Users

As I just read at Schockwellenreiter's, Google Analytics has stopped new sign-ups. So now I am one of those privileged users who can check where the users of this blog are coming from. Right now, I have to say, that it makes not that huge differences if using Google Analytics or Sitemeter.

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posted by madhatter @ 4:53 PM

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Salma Hayek, da Bandida

Maybe some of you remember me telling you crap about Salma Hayek starring in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean flick.
As IMDB still has no info on that, I think the source back then was not too serious.

But I also thought that I had already told you about the comedy-crime-western movie Bandidas, starring Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz. But I can't find that post anymore.


While the movie has been completed already, Fox has not set a release date in 2006 for U.S. yet. (In Germany the release date either. France has the 18th of January 2006 as date where "Bandidas" hit the theatres.) But now I read at JoBlo, that there is a gallery online, so we can watch a few pictures whil waiting for the release.

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posted by madhatter @ 8:19 AM

Thursday, November 17, 2005

More Firefox extensions

Nforcer made my day. He send me a link to an updated version of the Google Pagerank extension.
Thanks a lot.

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posted by madhatter @ 8:24 AM

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Firefox 1.5 - Usable for me now

Maybe you have read that I was not pleased by the actual status of Flock yet. I was still sticking to the last stable version of Firefox (1.0.7)
Yesterday I once more downloaded the latest version of the 1.5 branch of Firefox, to check which extensions are available for it already.

Still, the main problem are the greasemonkey scripts, because those have often been written by people that are not into the extension-writing anymore. That is why most of the useful scripts I used for Gmail, Bloglines or Flickr don't work at the moment. But with version 0.6.3 of greasemonkey more than the last time I checked.

All other extensions I use for better browsing behaviors seem to have been updated already or there are other/newer extensions which do almost the same or even more or better.
And I even removed some other extensions without replacing them, because I had to notice, that I haven't used them at all in the last months and did not even know that those were still installed.

my actual extensions list

As you can see, the only extension (I use, of course) that is not available right now, is the Google Pagerank thingy. A neat feature, but nothing I can't live without.

The sad thing is that I have to say, I did not recognize too many features new in Firefox 1.5. Okay, it seems that the whole engine is a bit faster and the menus are nicer to look at, but that is all.
I have to say, that I did not read anything about what had been (or will be) changed in 1.5 and what the big differences are or why there had to be all the internal changes you can't see but recognize because all the extensions had to be recoded.

That is why it makes not too much difference to me, if I use 1.5 or 1.0.7 since I have all features again I had in the old version, too. (Except the Google Pagerank, of course.)

But, what I also have to say, Firefox is still, and hopefully will be, the best browser available on any OS and at the moment I am willing to get a new version whenever it is needed, because I believe that it never will do me any harm.

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posted by madhatter @ 1:47 PM

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kitchen Confidential - A Test Post

Kitchen ConfidentialNo, there actually is no need to tell you which book I am reading at the moment. Since there is a new version of flock available, I am trying once more to use it.
While I don't get the feature to work more functional, I wanted to check out the blogging features of flock now.
But I have to say: Not quite there, sorry. Right now I will stick to ecto for blogging activities.

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posted by madhatter @ 11:43 AM

Friday, November 04, 2005

Google needs more competition

Yes, it is about time. Dave Winer has written a short essay on why he thinks Google needs more competition by cloning the Google API. If you like you can listen to an audio version of that essay.

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posted by madhatter @ 10:35 PM

Guide to Comedy


I have no idea since when this site is around, but BBC has an own Guide to Comedy online. A great archive with lots of info on every single show from 1936 to today. You can read about 'Roseanne', 'Cheers', 'The Cosby Show' or 'The Wonder Years'. Or any other show that made you be home early and sit in front of the tv laughing your ass off or biting nails.

If you like comedy shows - and why shouldn't you? - you really have to take a look at that guide. The only thing they have to do is setting it up-to-date. For example Sara Gilbert's new show, 'Twins' is not available in the guide yet (To be correct, there has been another show with Sara, that lasted only one season and I never have seen, which is not listed under her name, too). And maybe there are other show missing, too, I haven't noticed yet.

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posted by madhatter @ 3:09 PM