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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

2222 Mails

I found 2222 private emails in my mailbox this morning. None newer than yesterday. All mails I got from people I know or whom I asked about something and now hardly know.
And most people haven't written for years now. Or I haven't written for years. Sometimes some people got mad about something and that's why I never heard of them.
How many emails would there be, if I delete all emails from people I haven't spoken or written with in the last year? - 20.

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Monday, August 30, 2004

The Passion of the Clerks

Yahoo has some news about Kevin Smith planning a sequel to his first movie Clerks with working title The Passion of the Clerks. He believes this is a good idea, but I am not so sure about it. But I am also quite sure that Kevin won't ask me about my opinion.

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Saturday, August 28, 2004


I was a bit bored by the last layout I used. Now I got another template I like much better. But maybe I will change a few things here and there, so please be patient if something doesn't work properly in the next hours.

edit@7:47 pm: finished.

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posted by madhatter @ 5:22 PM

MTV - Get off the air*

I almost forgot the Video Music Awards 2004 are knocking on our doors. Tomorrow evening the event will be on air for 4 or more hours. Nice. One of the last good things on MTV these days. In the 90s I enjoyed watching MTV a lot, but now it's hardly all crap.
I have no idea what's going on on U.S. MTV, but here in Germany there is not that much music on air than it used to be some years ago. I remember MTV's Most Wanted with Ray Cokes. That was fun. Jackass isn't. There is no need for crap like that. And even when there are lots of people out there enjoying this sort of entertainment, why do I have to watch it every day in a rotation which seems to never ever end?
Why is it still called MTV - Music TeleVision? There is no music.
MTV - Get off the air*.

* Dead Kennedys on "Frankenchrist", 1985

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portupgrade *bleah*

Server is online again, so I can use the new ordered bandwidth to update the whole machine. Starting the portstree I want to vomit: 180 ports are not up-to-date anymore.
Don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's kinda annoying to update everything. And of course most of it has good reasons to be updated, because of bugs or backdoors.
Starting with Perl and then the whole crap by executing portupgrade -rf p5-\* and portupgrade -rf perl the first half hour flew by... Don't think of firebird and the whole Xfree86 stuff.

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Restful weekend

A weekend full of rest. Finally. The week has been hard and was much longer than many other weeks. What is a bit strange, because work was some fun. But maybe I am still burned out from last weekend, and I haven't been able to get the sleep last week I missed at the weekend.
But I didn't really try to do so.
The last weekend was so much fun. Tanja visited me. The first time we met in five years and it was almost as funny as in the german class in school. I am wondering why we never found the time to call in all these years.
Magic words of the weekend:

Seen it all
done it all
can't remeber most of it!

This sentence is not really the truth, because I can remember everything of that days, but the sentence came to Tanja's mind in Travemünde while it was raining and we were waiting to be able going to SandWorld without getting a cold.

But why am I writing this weekend about the last one? - Because I don't often find the time to write something here.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004


Thanks to Jog from powerbook_blog for inviting me to gmail. Now I am owner of a gmail mail account, too. Let's start testing.
First impression so far: nice.

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posted by madhatter @ 10:04 PM

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Got a shop?

Last week I got my own LBC Shirt printed. The design was a bit difficult and I had to wait for a workmate to get it as vector graphic for print.
Now another workmate came up with an idea about a shop we could have together, where we present our designs and ideas and others are able to wear our custom shirts.
Let's see. Right now we are trying to get the webshop working and create some first designs. When this is done, we will open the shop for the public.
Hold ya horses, I'll tell you when we are ready for business.

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posted by madhatter @ 3:58 PM

Thursday, August 19, 2004

HP ProLiant DL

Nice Job today. Setting up some HP ProLiant DL server with fast Xeon CPUs. *rrr* It's a shame I have to set up Windows 2000 Advanced Server on those babies.
Maybe I can put one in my pocket and take it home to have it enjoying some kind of BSD...

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posted by madhatter @ 9:21 PM

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Skateboarding is so not a crime

Back in LBC. Since two weeks now. And today I got my account information for the DSL flat rate. So I hope I will be able to be more around again now. I have access to web at work, too, but I have to work there, so there is not that much time.
Any other news? - Oh, yes. Today I bought a new board, because I'd like to skate again now. I haven't done that for more than 8 years now, but I am pretty sure, that you can learn fast when you already were able to do some tricks.
So, next week I will be on the road again and try to get the feeling for my deck again.
Hold your fingers crossed.

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posted by madhatter @ 5:48 PM